Does Marijuana cause permanent brain damage in teens?



I didn’t watch the video, but I don’t believe it causes brain damage. I do, however, think it inhibits brain growth.

Teen brains are in a fragile state, they’re growing fast, and if something keeps them from growing to their full potential, and possibly keeps the owner of the brain from stimulating the brain properly, then I can imagine the brain would end up being under-developed.

It can’t possibly be healthy.


Its a mere 5 minutes.


And it would be a mere 2 and a half minutes if the guy didn’t talk so slowly like he was high himself :joy:


I’ve watched it now. It more or less supports my theory: it inhibits growth and keeps people from reaching their full intelligence-potential if they use it while their brains are still growing.


The effects, if any, are not nearly so severe as the loss of the fine neuronal structure in chronic heavy drinkers that causes their well-known personality deterioration. I have no use for either - life’s too rich to be goofy or self-absorbed. But studies that show heavy weed-smokers to be less achievement-oriented hardly prove cause and effect, and measures of thinking ability seem mostly intact.

One professor told us that marijuana is only documented to impair brain function when used heavily before age 17-18. Even then, it’s been shown to reduce IQ several points but not necessarily cause “serious brain damage.”

Since people with serious brain damage from strokes; major head trauma often make good (though not always full) recoveries, heavy cannabis users can too.


I would say it heavily impairs the prefrontal cortex.


The study referenced on this page found no permanent damage caused by cannabis use even by adolescents

This website brings up other good points such as that often these studies that found damaging effects of cannabis haven’t controlled for other confounding variables such as alcohol use. It is possible that cannabis does cause some damage at younger years, but it is also possible that there are reckless teens who are doing other dangerous things that are messing with the statistics. Webmd cited another study that found no brain damage among adults, but of course that is adults and not teens


I’ve heard it causes a temporary loss of about ten IQ points. That coincides with my experience with marijuana. It hurts your intelligence, but you recover when you quit smoking it.


About 8 years ago, I smoked skunk weed. Pretty much ruined my life among other things. I could do my mathematics but I had some memory loss. I did well on homework. Seemed to counter the effects of Monster drinks. I hate marijuana now. I made the mistake of getting a card several years ago, which made my psychosis come back. Was in denial about SZ. I had a diagnosis of Aspergers and thought it would help me with my social skills.

Started hearing demons from the radio or fan.


oh haters gonna hate…marijuana isn’t that bad ya’ll…I read it promotes brain growth and the smoke from marijuana doesn’t hurt the lungs.


Trust my asthmatic ass the smoke hurts the lungs.

I’ve never actually smoked but I know I found it hard to breathe in a room full of people smoking.


No but its not healthy to smoke either. It changes how u behave when u smoke it all the time. Let me rephrase its not unhealthy its healthy and great for a lot of people but it depends from person to person. Its much safer physically to smoke weed then take heroin


as per ayurveda it can cause liver toxicity unless it is purified by soaking it in water overnight .can cause psychosis also if not accompanied by offsetting herbs