Does Luvox cause psychosis?

I’m having intrusive thoughts really bad. Might go to the hospital

Luvox is unlikely to cause psychosis because it is a downer antidepressant, it should really help with intrusive thoughts.
You don’t like Luvox anyway, so why not try Paxil as it is a nicer antidepressant.

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Antidepressants in general have the potential to trigger manic or psychotic episodes in certain vulnerable people.
Talk to your doctor if you are having concerns.

You weren’t taking the prescribed amount of clozaril recently. That might be the cause too.


I hate to admit it, but I went off of my clozapine once and eventually went through a full psychotic break that lasted 3 years! Don’t know you but it sucked. Be careful!

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All SSRI except paxil caused psychosis to me. Now I’m on just paroxetine cr 37.5mg