Does living alone increase paranoia/positive symptoms?

Whenever I am alone in the house I feel some sort of fear or paranoia. I hope I won’t have to increase my meds once my parents die and once I live alone.


Ugh, I feel you. When my husband and I lived in an apartment and he worked nights… I’d always start having symptoms


oh I didn’t do well alone…that’s why I was suicidal on risperdal because of sexual side effects and I wanted a woman really bad…now I’m fine…date online dude…I did…and I found my wife.


Maybe you can have room mates /shared house or live in group home in the future.

I live by myself with my dog.
He is always by my side so that’s comforting.

I don’t know if I would be scared without him.

Only place I ever felt truly at home and where I was happiest is with my x in sa but I left him to be vegan.
I loved being with him 24/7.
I couldn’t get enough of him.
Miss him and girls and perfect home and family but I have nice things here too.

Maybe I would be afraid to be alone without my dog.

I did live by myself for very many years though both in Sweden and Australia :australia:.

I was sometimes very lonely and outcast of society.