Does life have any meaning

Well why are we here and

What are we doing and

Where r we going

Does life have any meaning

A day comes and a day goes

What changes

We are still here in this world and

On top of it u can contract many diseases physical and mental that can make ur life miserable

So what is all this


Everyone makes their own meaning to life, that’s if they chose to do that.

It’s about doing what is meaningful to you personally


Diseases are terrible.

Just gotta try best possible to reduce risk and severity

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Oh the humanity :joy:

Life is what you make of it.

I mean there are a lot of negatives. No one said it could be easy.

We work cuz we have to cuz a society must function everyone playing their part

I never understood that till lately. No one ever said to me “you need to work”. They just kept asking what I’m gonna be when I’m grown up. Misleading questions lead to poor insight in a schizo.

I’m not lAzy. Ok maybe a little. But I don’t want to be lazy.

Then again do I like society??

Probably not. There are terrible injustices.

But I was watching a 6 foot tall kid play football yesterday with his dad. I saw him drop a ball and said “ughhh he’s not gonna make it”. But then I said “but he could get a scholarship to a college And that’s important. Maybe he needs that. And that’s why he’s working hard”. Everyone/everything is part of the integral whole I’m saying.

God works for us, we work for god. Is how I like to think it.


We’re born, we suffer, we die.
This is life.

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Because we kill everyone trying to ease the suffering.

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The meaning of life for me is to go forward and become good at living well. And I do think that living and letting the others live as well still makes lots of sense. The biggest food for the human mind is wisdom. The biggest emotion love. Also forgive that lots of us are still not perfect. We can learn though.

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Hey friends all ur replies are cool

Gave me a few new perspectives on life



Personally I feel life has no meaning

I think now that we are here we should work to sustain us and try and enjoy and make the most of life

I personally don’t like society bcoz society has gone bonkers but the hard fact is we need each other and we r dependent on society

I don’t like education or organized education

I feel I should be free and have scope to do what I like to do rather than just be a dull kid in school and college

I must have enough money to live a decent if not a lavish life

And wish there were no diseases

Hahaha dunnox nice reply

I am so happy cause tomorrow i have another day off.

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Life is a shrew
Then you marry one
Then you get ED
And you die

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