Does Latuda knock you out?

I’ve been on 40mg latuda for awhile and it knocks me completely out. When it kicks in I can’t stay upright. I must sleep then and there. I wake wobbly like I’m hungover. I refuse to take any other med because I’m already 70 pounds overweight. For months i refused to take this because I’m afraid to go to sleep. Does this knocking out go away?

How about taking it before you sleep? I started taking it last month, also went up to 40 mg but honestly I can not tell if it makes me sleepy or drowsy. I take it at around 7 and I sleep around 9-10. I don’t get hangovers from it.

I take it before sleep, but it hits me like a brick and because I’m afraid to sleep I’m afraid of that feeling of not being in control of my sleepiness.

Latuda with caffeine gave me shortness of breathe and heart chest pains.

I still get the chest pains ever since. I think it made me pull a muscle on my heart.

honestly, geodon used to knock me out in the mornings, I would pass out and sleep for hours, maybe that’s why I can’t feel anything on Latuda.

I take 40 mg it doesn’t knock me out at all