Does lack of medications in trial worry you

There used to be thirty in trial but there are no antipsychotics that block d2 in trial im on seroquel but I still care a lot I’m very worried I’ll end up on clozapine

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Are you talking about clinical trials?

I did not know that. Thanks for the information.

yeah, the discovery of the medications can take decades the medicines on the market are all trying new pathways but so far what has worked has only been the d2 medications the pipeline does have some but the only addition is with a dextromorphine that is basically cough syrup concentraded in a pill

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I am afraid to experiment so I don’t really care. If I were to go off one med for another I would prefer to be hospitalized. It would happen anyway.

I was too but my fear in my eyes was tarditive dis kinésica up there, the old ones all the doctors said the risk of permanent TD was ten fold and it was scary it was a prisoners dilema or something,

Very scary. When I was educating myself on tarditive dyskinesia YouTube showed a man twitching his face so much he couldn’t keep his eyes open and he was visible distressed and unable to open his eyes when he wanted and couldn’t get disability for it it was terrible he was overweight but he was huffing and puffy like please Jesus hear me because I feel like I’ll never pray again kind of thing

He was on his porch and and sighed and stuff it wasn’t staged the daughter was like this is my uncle he has tarditive dyskinesia and it was all over his face and his hands it scared me about the medicines

And that also was specific to define that there was no medicine for it fda approved the reviews on the ones that were there said they have a very time

D2 is just a part of the story. I think d2 and d4 are the targets…anyways. I think we are at a point where we’ve bled out the usefullness of traditional dopamine meds. We need a new generation of drugs to give that big leap into the next round of treatment…namely the negs.

There’s lots of money to be made with sz drugs. We are an expensive part of the medical apparatus so they are continually bringing out new meds and producing more. You get one that is a tier above current treatments you’ve made a bundle…so there is that incentive.

Mr. Rogueone makes some interesting points.

Also, I think there are some meds, like BL-1020, that were removed from development for a while, not because they didn’t block D2 effectively (it is modified perphenazine), but because they didn’t reach some secondary endpoint (cognitive improvement, in this case).

They are theoretically looking to improve upon the old meds. If it were just a matter of selling patented meds because the old ones became unavailable, many other meds, like the one I mentioned, might be reactivated.

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