Does it really take ten years to 'master' music?

to all the music masters @patrick with his little dittys and @huckfinn with his awesome rock groove jams, how long have you been making music

according to my book…it takes ten years on average to “master making music”

gives me hope since i’ve really only TRULY been working for 3 years…even though I’ve been writing for longer

thanks for your advice guys!

these rock band greats spent their childhood in garages jamming i bet

i feel im unique in that i (kind of) have a dream, at times, but it wasnt until i messed up my life completely that i said “hey maybe i can do that”…nothing comes easy it takes much practice though

yea… i wouldnt call myself a master yet but ive made good progress in spurts over 24 years now. im 40 last month and i started playing guitar and writing intently at 16.

my first actual gig other than open mics i was 29… largely because of my alcohol problems and even then i only gigged the bars for a year and then went on to coffee houses and inviting other AA’s.

but honestly ive been only getting a handful of better responses over the past year or two…

for many years all i noticed were criticsms on my music…

Youre doing great bro! my thoughts are that i suggest quitting the booze and other stuff and i can guarantee you will progress quicker and stronger.

and you will be healthier brother

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24 years…it definitely shows

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the thing about the drugs and booze…i feel i would have less to talk about if i quit them…i dont think it makes you more creative. like you’re jamming out so i could definitely see why quitting drugs and alcohol helps you…but its a matter of lifestyle…and i enjoy it…and dont think its harming me that much. maybe im in denial. i really dont drink that much and im careful with the drugs not to overdo it…but its part of my material. i would never know unless i stopped though.

edit: its more than i enjoy it though, because even when i dont think about music i still wanna satisfy my addictions

ok. i dont know you well. i likely would drink if i didnt take medicine being that the meds get screwy with drink and such

i think the fact that you can sit in front of a camera and jam out takes a lot of guts

i give you props for that

i spend most my nights sober

tonight just was not one of them

but i dont regret it

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ty. ill let ya be :slight_smile:

As my new “change up” I’m doing in my life I have started playing at least an hour a day on the guitar. I have so far learned “Put Your Lights On” by Everlast and “the cowboy song” by Thin Lizzy. all in about a week. I wouldn’t say I’m a master because I haven’t composed or wrote a song in over 30 years. I just learn hits I like from old and new bands. I’ve been playing guitar 40 years. I know almost 300 songs. don’t hold me to know all the lyrics to many of them though. I am looking for songs that are clever on the guitar so I am challenged. It’s all about change for me.


Jukebox you are an inspiration to us all


aww @turningthepage you are very kind. thank you. I’m just old so I’ve played a long time. I play banjo too but I sold my banjo last year to my dentist. She wanted to learn but once my money gets in order finally with savings I’m going to buy a really nice banjo.

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you may have some years behind you, and your wisdom and experiences in life shows, but you also have a youthful exuberance to you that makes you seem much younger than you really are. you dont seem “old” to me

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I always think to myself, If I died at my age (54) they would say I died young. so I don’t act like a lot of men my age. for one thing I don’t look my age either. I have a sprinkling of gray hair but my face people tell me looks about 35 or so. haha…anyways, thanks @turningthepage

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I think it takes 10 years to master pop music…can you master music? Its constantly evolving and the dynamics and tastes are all over…i doubt 1 person can master all of music in several life times…


I think Juke and Huck are miles ahead of me musically. I feel I’m good at marrying a lyric to a melody, though.

It’s funny. Full albums used to have ‘filler songs’. Now I feel even songs now just have ‘filler verses’ that lead to that one catchy chorus.

When I hook up with bro, I’ll forward you that backbeat riff I was talking about, @turningthepage. I need help transferring it off of the phone.

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