Does it mean I have schizophrenia (suggestions and personal relations only)

So I use to have thought broadcasting and I know that’s part of schizophrenia but now I don’t. I understand that there’s no way ur thoughts can connect to another person because ur mind is inside ur head and, there’s no wifi or anything like that lol so ur thoughts are to urself. Does that mean I was schizophrenic on psychotic?? Doctor said I was psychotic but I haven’t asked him if I was borderline schizo or on watch or anything like that

Are you on meds?

Maybe schizophrenia or schizophreniform if it lasted just for a small period of time


Yeah it’s the meds that helped but now I understand … like not only did it stop I get it that it’s impossible and now don’t suffer any form of it

It lasted like 5 months on meds tho

And it’s a realization more then it just stopping

Then I think it’s sz

So u think stopping the meds (even if it is a realization and know it’s impossible), it will come back? And I mean stopping when the doctor say it’s good to go

I’m not a doctor but if it’s sz, it just doesn’t disappear

Ok good cuz I can’t stay on these drugs forever they already messes me up and I know it will Do more if I stay on them for a long period of time and I’ll honesty go ape ■■■■ I can’t handle that happening even more

My pdr agreed to stop my meds, it was a disaster, nearly died and injured someone.

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When the time is right I’m thinking when the doc tells me he’s going to stop imma take amyloban and discontinue the rest

You mean lion’s mane? It did nothing for me and I don’t want to risk dying or killing someone again. But your case is different and you know better.

I heard it’s a more potent form of lions mane … did all ur symptoms stop before stopping meds?

I have negative and cognitive symptoms regardless of meds but my positive symptoms are 90% gone on meds.

What does negative and positive symptoms mean?

Positive: Delusions, paranoia, hallucinations, aggressivity, suicide, catatonia, disorganized thoughts and behaviors etc

No emotions, no motivation, lack of pleasure, poverty of speech, asociality, lack of hygiene, blunted affect etc

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I see yeah I’ll say all of mine are gone but maybe tactile hallucination if it isn’t just sinus

What meds are you on?

I had thought broadcasting and only diagnosed with psychosis. :slight_smile: if that helps