Does it make sense that I was prescribed this?

Abilify Maintena 400mg injection every 3 weeks + 25mg of clozapine

I think the clozapine is to make me less violent or smth

yes it makes sense those are standard meds for this condition

Invega is called xeplion here

Where are you from?

Finland. i mean clozapine is usually prescribed for violence

I’m not on a CTO so thats why no invega/xeplion

Have you been prescribed also typical ap before? I think its international rule to use one typical and atypical ap before preacribing clozapine

No typical APs

I’ve only been prescribed Risperdal before Abilify and quetiapine for sleep (but i never took quetiapine)

Thats weird, even in my country (Lithuania) tend to prescribe clozapine as a 3rd ap. Do you have any major side effects? Thats intensively strong combo

Its a smallest possible dose of clozapine so no other side effects besides weight gain

That dosage of clozapine is very low.

Yes exactly. :confused:

So long you don’t react to two other ap they have a right to start you on clozapine atypical or typical does not matter I know a friend of mine who’s sister took ap since she was 16 now she is almost 30 and still taking ap, you really have to pray hard that the illness recover by itself and you won’t need ap 3-5 years later when your brain is more developed

Yeah but they didnt even try increasing the dose of risperdal before clozapine

Better suck it up and move on

I take 25 mg clozapine, but it’s just to sleep better. The minimaal dose as an ap is 200 mg.

Hmm why did they prescribe clozapine to me then
I have no problems sleeping…

Maybe you should give these drugs a try and see if they suit your needs. If you’re med compliant and they don’t work out you can try something different.

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I have been on those meds for 3 months approx

If they’re not working out you can talk to your pdoc about them. Be persuasive, not confrontational.

Little dose of clozapine