Does it hurt you that every other illness has a possibility of striving to overcome?

I find it annoying that other illnesses have the factor of measuring a person by how much they have achieved despite their illness.
I always thought that would be the same with schizophrenia.
Instead I’ve just had to give up with this illness, not work not play too hard for me no possibility of children but I didn’t want them anyway.
The standard is by how much you fight and overcome your illness but with a mental illness and stigma will always be there that we are useless


I really hate the stigma. And how the term “schizophrenic” is often used as an adjective in a derogatory way. It just furthers the stigma. It’s annoying too because most perpetuating the stigma don’t even know that much about the actual illness.

I’m sorry you have had to give up work and things. But it sounds like you are fighting and coping in the best way you can. I am close to giving up on work too. The stress is starting to get too unmanageable. The stigma sucks because with schizophrenia you can already lose so much and on top of that you are unfairly stigmatized


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