Does it help if you threaten the voice?

For example, shut the fuk up or i’ll shoot or stab you! Is it smart to say these things to your social worker, doctor, police etc?

It’s not smart to say those things to anyone.

From what I’ve learnt, voices get more menacing if you oppose them like that.
Instead, try to acknowledge that they’re there, and simply think to yourself “they’re wrong”.

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Are you saying these to your voices, or your social worker etc? Threatening behavior is probably a bad idea, you should just stick to trying medication and living the best you can with your problems.

Why is threatening a bad idea? Social workers are threatening me with looking for clues if i threaten them or not! If they can threaten me i should be able to go down to their level?

What do you mean by clues if I threaten them or not? They are the last people to threaten you, they join jobs like this to help people. They really don’t want to do you harm.

About as useful as shouting at the wind for blowing.

I swear blue murder at my abusive voices all the time. And it usually works for me personally. I show them whos got the power not them. They have even apologised. My social worker knows i do this and hes fine with it actually - he had to explain to the nieghbours one day when the police were called. But it may not work for you.

I threaten and shout at mine as well, at times they bavk down

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When you don’t know what it is. Don’t fight it. Just let it be and they will go.

I don’t fight voices. I have a good voice that does that for me against the evil one

The police, social workers, hospital threten me by wasting time and my life. I am getting older not younger you know.

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