Does it get worse after each episode

After each episode of psychosis, do you lose function, cognition, emotion and sense of being yourself?

Do things typically get worse after each episode ?

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I just get super bored.

It got worse. I do less and less since my last two episodes. It is boring and just trying to get through the day with a hope of falling asleep at night which is not sure.

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Supposedly each episode causes you more brain damage so I would say yes. I’ve also heard that often you need a higher dose of meds to get the same stabilizing effect as you did before the previous episode.

That’s what makes it risky to go off meds. It’s what keeps me on mine…for now anyway.


That’s how I feel at the moment. Feel like I’ve lost a part of who I am since the last episode.


Definitely makes coming off of medication a very risky prospect as it seems things get worse.

So they say. Typically you need higher doses of meds.

And you lose more off yourself …. This is really the most dreadful illness. I wish it hadn’t happened to me. It’s ruined my life

i temporarily lost trust in my mind and it is not nice, it took time to gain a considerate amount of trust in my own mind again.


They did get worse the second time after I stopped meds for 2yrs. Not sure if its the sz advancing or if it was bcz I was unmedicated for 2yrs. I deeply regret stopping meds for 2yrs as I was stable on 10mg Abilify and was fully functional going to university full time etc Now I need 6mg Risperdal to be stable. I wish I could go back in time or reverse the damage that psychosis has done to my brain during the 2yrs I stopped meds.

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6mg Risperdal is equivalent to 30mg Abilify so I am on a 3x higher dose bcz I stopped meds for 2yrs.

And I am much less functional, I stay in bed most of my time. Dont work or study anymore.

I’ve lost the sense of being myself …. Feel like I’m not the same person anymore.

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Yes, my negatives became much worse after my second episode.

it changed with time for me (5 years), hang in there

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I’m still functional luckily, but feel like I’m just going through the motions. I do have some emotions but they’re weak in comparison to normal.

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Wish I hadn’t had my second episode…. I was doing well off of medication and then I relapsed.

Should of stayed on 5mg aripiprazole!

I have had multiple breakdowns. I think after every episode, I got less social, less able to hold a conversation, etc…cognitive symptoms also worsened.

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That’s not good to hear…. Makes coming off of medication even riskier.

Definitely feel less like me since the second episode.

However, I feel I am recovering now that the positive symptoms have been nullified.

You can get off medications at some point in time if you are stable for a sustained period.

5 mgs of Abilify is not a lot though.

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