Does it ever feel like you have the worst case ever of sz?

I’ve been there did that and came to the conclusion that mine must have been it. the worst sz any pdoc ever saw. I must have had it.

now I am grateful that I am somewhat of a “mentsh” again. I get up and have the semblance of a normal day.

I still have tactile hallucinations, thought broadcasting like you can only nightmare of, and delusions of persecution.

what more can a young woman ask for? the spice of life is variety and interest…




I feel like I have it worse than others sometimes. I lack motivation and I’m overweight. I also have derealization, anxiety, and delusions.

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I also feel it’s unfair that women have it easier. It seems women have milder symptoms and recover faster. In real life, I know two women that have it and are successful. One is in tech and the other is a math professor. Even look at Eyln Saks.

Here is my list:

-Thought echo of me sounding demonic and sometimes saying the opposite of what I think. (if I think “love” it says, “love, I don’t care” though I’m a hopeless romantic)
-Imitation of my ex girlfriend, calling me by my nickname and exact same way she talks with a slightly demonic tone (though I been over her for a good while now)
-Pushes the word “KILL” or “POWER” constantly into my head in full force, demonic
-Accuses me of being evil and that I’m going to hell
-Very aggressive tactile hallucinations…sexually and sometimes painful like putting pressure on my head. Lots of moving forward and backward “energy.” Top of forehead almost always feels like bugs are feeding on me. Hair pulling in this area, too…painful.
-I had out of body experiences and times where I sometimes get sleep paralysis

There’s more, 7 months in and symptoms noticeably getting worse.

No visual hallucinations, but still very bad with the rest.


sorry kryptix that you suffer so much.

hope you feel better soon.

hope you can relax a bit more each day.


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Thank you, I really do appreciate it and I’m really glad you found some peace. You shouldn’t just feel blessed, you are blessed in your own ways.

One Love.

thank you kryptix. I am trying to love those in my life despite paranoid feelings that they hate me.


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i feel like u suffer more than others,yes. i know some sz and they do it better than me in life…maybe its an wrong impression :confused:

It’s unfair to men because they are the traditional providers

I used to Fred my hair every time I got ill… But is that spot on your forehead is aimed acupuncture point for schizophrenia called spirit home or something I don’t know Can’t remember right now, but I was always putting my thumb on it for comfort when I was trying to get sleep at night

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