Does it bother you when others self-diagnose?

When others say they are depressed or have anxiety I don’t think much of it. When others say they are bi-polar or schizophrenic without a doc it definitely gets my attention.

It seems to be similar to everyone’s genealogy reports. I’ve told people I was 5% Native American and when I did the test I was 0 percent Native American.

We all do stupid stuff. If people are having a hard time and make up a diagnosis it’s just something I’ve done similarly to. Who am I to judge?

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I wouldnt necessarily say it bothers me. What does bother me is when someone tries to diagnose another person. I have a family member who is terrible for this. They have zero training in psychology, no knowledge of the dsm, and tend to believe every pop psych reference they hear on tv. That does bother me.

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It does bother me, plus why would you want the stigma surrounding this illness.


I’m more bothered with people self diagnosing schizophrenia than I am them self diagnosing ASD. That is because there was a much more narrow definition of autism 25 plus years ago. That means there are a fair number of middle aged people who may be on the milder end of the spectrum but were never seen as doing so as children and teens. This contrasts with schizophrenia where the criteria for diagnosis have stayed far more static.

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I think it bothers me more when people claim to have anxiety or be depressed but refuse to go to the doctor. There’s a certain amount of sympathy given to those diagnoses lately and people seem to want to monopolize on that attention without doing the work.

Specifically, I have a friend that doesn’t like psychiatry but claims to have depression and anxiety and whatever else. It drives me insane. And she may well, but how can she sit there and post all this crap for attention on FB but refuse to go get dismissed and get help?

My own frustration.

I don’t like anyone to self diagnose anything.


It seems odd to me that a person claiming to have schizophrenia would not want to see a psychiatrist. Schizophrenia is a very serious and debilitating mental illness, so I would be troubled if a person is simply saying that they have the illness for attention or some other trivial reason.


I don’t understand the fixation with ethnic background. I irriate census takers by refusing to answer that question and insisting that I’m just Canadian. “That’s not an allowed answer.” “#$%@ you, I don’t care.”


I looked at my family tree and noticed a Native American. I did this in my teen when I didn’t know any better. After an actual Native American told me he hated when people said that I quickly changed my tune.

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I irritate First Nations members here in Canada by calling them Canadians.


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We don’t speak in English in the USA. We speak American.

Yes it bothers me when others are self diagnosing themselves but then i also say sometimes i have depression or anxiety…


I find it odd because I was told I had it for 6 years before I figured it out for myself but I had the paranoid type and was truly paranoid and lost in my delusions. I lived in my own little world and thought there was a conspiracy against me.

But I still believe my delusions and think that there actually was a conspiracy against me. Never considered for a minute I was actually sick but the doctor that diagnosed me nailed it on the head. I didn’t hallucinate at first so maybe that’s why it took me so long to figure it out. He didn’t have that symptom to diagnose me with so he was pretty good. Just had delusions and negative symptoms mostly.

I owe that guy an apology.

I will never forget when I realized I was hallucinating. I thought somebody had slipped me some LSD. Still didn’t accept I was sick. It took a while longer.

But I guess everyone has their own journey.



people have told me I am ocd and paranoid and my psych doc said the way the public uses these terms and how psych docs use those terms are very different. So it is not comparing apples to apples.

I was warned about self diagnosis at my very first eval and the doc said some lady tried to convince him that was bipolar because said said ‘her emotions were all over the place’. He told her "you DONT WANT to be bipolar’ and then attempted to talk some sense into her.

My wife works in health care and says people start emulating people they see in youtube videos and rattling off a list of symptoms that dont go together and get diagnosed with stuff they don’t have and get put on meds they don’t need or have surgeries that they don’t need.

That being said, I read all these stories of people that get a personality disorder diagnosis that they think doesn’t fit them and then they look for something that fits them. I was diagnosed as autistic, was asked if I agreed with it and I said I thought schizoid fit me better and so we started getting closer to something (schizotypal fits me best).

I really hate labeling people and think people looking for a label mess themselves up. Focusing on ones individual attributes is probably better.

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If they’re hearing voices or seeing things I wouldn’t mind so much if they self-diagnosed. If they aren’t hallucinating, it’s harder for me to believe they have it. That’s just me though. Also if they clearly are or aren’t delusional.

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@TheBest what’s confusing to me? I’ve seen pdocs, nps, etc. I try to keep an open mind, but the one I’m seeing now, I trust. She didn’t see me, once, and change a bunch of meds. WE are a team. It makes a difference!

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