Does it bother you knowing life is better somewhere else?

life is better somewhere else, but here i am stuck here. it bothers me knowing im deprived of the good life. how bout you?

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Do you mean for someone else? Or that life is better somewhere else?

I would love to be someone without schizophrenia or any other illness. I don’t think the location matters much, got to make best out of what we have.


mostly i was talking about location. i feel the grass is greener somewhere else. i would love to be in colorado with 300 days of sunshine a year, or davis, california where i could ride my bicycle and wouldnt need a car.

At a ranch somewhere with money and a nice family – my own family. Like Wyoming. Florida, Texas seem nice for conservatives.

A place with less people, higher class people, less population and traffic density, lower crime, higher standard of living, and more greenary and less cost of living like gas prices and stuff.

Does a place like that exist? I think my schizophrenia would be better, but I would get worse off alone.

Maybe 10-15 years from now.

I feel like I’m stuck living life on repeat like a sim.

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hell, i’d settle for a location with better grocery stores, where i could walk to the grocery and be a vegetarian more easily.

Canada and Norway and even North/South Dakota seem nice too.


Growing up, city nice seemed nice. I wanted to live in NYC and work on wall street, I guess. Things change. Too much pollution, crime, and people. Prices are way too high. Services might be better though. Things are on the decline.

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or how bout they bring back the university radio station that sold. so i don’t have to listen to the same old songs for 50 years. this place sucks, i wannabe somewhere else all the time.

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Sirius Xm is 5 bucks a month for a special. Better than the crap on the radio. I don’t even know what stations exist anymore. It’s a mixture of Spanish/rap/rock/dance/top20.

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No, because I don’t think life is better somewhere else. There is the same McDonald’s and Burger King on every corner in every city everywhere you go in the US.

It bothers me knowing there are lots of people who are much better off than I am.

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It really bugs me and I think of it all the time ----- I feel like most people are melodramatic while I suffer from disturbing thoughts all day long without even complaining

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I’d like to see New England. The poet Robert Frost lived there. It’s awfully cold in the winter, though. I might not like it during the winter.

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How you know if its better ? Maybe you get hated and the locals make your life miserable.

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