Does high prolactin makes u feel hot or more heat?

Its winter here right now with high temperature like 26 C(78 F) and low like 12 C(53 F).

Nobody in the house uses fan in their rooms, but i do use the fan at number 1. Does feeling more heat could be due to high prolactin ? My prolactin is high like 60-70 ng/ml on amisulpride.

I am not sure on this one. The only thing I have found related to this is high doses of Diazepam makes me sweat loads.

Prolactin is high, but the pdoc assures me he is comfortable with the levels. I am not however. It’s not him who could lose bone density.

I’m on 300mg amisulpride but don’t get hot easily despite it being summer here

APs themselves can be responsible for heat intolerance

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Yes, specially at higher doses. It messes whit the ability of the hypothalamus to regulate temperature. Hyperthyroidism also causes heat intolerance

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I’m on 3mg risperidone since some years. I have a new heater in my room. But my window always stays open. I rarely close it. Today is 5° Celsius. Sometimes I need to lay under the blanket, most of the time not.

I don’t like when it’s so hot that I sweat. Still wearing enough closes.