Does he deserve better?

I sometimes feel with all that goes in my head its a lot for me , i don’t know how he can stand being with me… when i see him after he finishes work… i feel like does he need me to add extra pressure to his day…

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If he willingly comes over to see you every day after work, you’re probably a joy to his heart.


He never comes to see me after work… mostly because he finishes work at 6 … i finish work at 2… but hes always so tired…


No, he doesn’t deserve better. YOU deserve better.

And by the way, so do I. It’s just that I am too lazy to go looking for other friends. And I highly doubt that any other woman would agree to celibacy like my present woman does. And I don’t want a casual friendship with a woman. I want a very deep, very, very close relationship with a woman that doesn’t include sex. So, I am stuck with her.

I dunno I think it’s the other way around I really don’t expect him to drop everything to come see me. He works until 6pm sometimes more. He has a demanding job. He also travels to work 2 hours In every morning. I can’t expect him to drop all that just to come see me at 2. It’s 1 hours away for him from his work to my house.
With regards to sex I don’t see that as vital or the most important part of a relationship at all. If barely happens. And that’s partly why I’m with him because he never pushes it.

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Relationships are a two way street. He sounds to me to be supportive and respectful from what you’ve described. That is a good thing. Other things come and move from there.

It’s common to second guess yourself but hang in there. Life is something that you need to do rather than think about. That you bring each other joy and can get on is a good thing.

I think he deserves to be a partner and that is all you can do.


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