Does "go out living life" help?

Rather than stay at home overthinking, I tried to “go out living life”. But being outside living, this world still throws me things too. :man_shrugging: Do you think being outside help with schizophrenia? Do you think I should be outside more?

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I am not sure about schizophrenia, but it will definitely help you well-being. I find that meeting up with people is a great help.

I love getting away and having a night out somewhere, I find it really helps my well being. I just love people watching and being free to do what I want. Before I had voices and they wouldn’t let me leave the house

I used to go out with an Ethiopian who I met at group therapy, we were totally in love but struggled to find common ground, I’ve always gone into the mental hospital voluntarily but going into surgery was a step too far cry

Getting out of the house and consequently ‘out of my head’ usually does help me feel better.

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