Does gluten make sz worse?

I wrote about the link between the two yesterday on my thread, but I want to know others thoughts on this… Is there really a link?

For a very small subset of people, but certainly not in general.


Do you think diet can cure sz to a point one can come off meds?

Definitely not !


Nope don’t think so… We can’t get that lucky unfortunately

I have no idea. I consume gluten all the time, and it doesn’t have any effect on me.

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They have ultimolecular doctors these doctors use medicines in a healthy fashion for weight loss perhaps you will find a better cure there PS all medicines are passions of pharmacies

Gluten and some people prevent their medicines from absorbing it also clogs certain receptors in the brain

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The steroids I take for my bursitis do this, so I avoid using them as much as possible (I get a prescription for them, not the illicit ones)

that you talk to your family Dr, as far as steroids what for

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She gives them to me for my bursitis in my hip.

My wife wanted to try a gluten free diet for several months because she saw it on that @#$%ing Dr. Oz show. Didn’t make me better. If anything it made me worse because I was miserable with not being able to eat anything I liked and it cranked the hell out of my stress level.

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try it it my help you life

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