Does exercise improve your mood?

Personally do you have experience of exercise improving your mood. What type of exercise do you do? Trying Daily Burn myself right now.

Oh yeah. It really does help. I generally do some cardio and go to weight lifting at my gym. It is a pretty cheap gym so everyone can just blow in, do their work out, and leave. I recommend it.

Excersise helps me alot. I running is my main thing, but i go to the gym too.

As for making feel better there is the immediate runners high i get after vigorous excersise that i feel makes me more alert and relaxed. The feeling of blood pumping makes me feel a bit more alive.

Long term though, i feel its also good for me in the way that i have been doing it for so long now that i don’t stuggle for motivation at all anymore. I love it and it is very often the only thing that gets me out of bed and outside, taking regular showers, brushing my teeth, eating regularly, paying attention to what i eat…

I like to walk but true exercise seems like a punishment. Im not lazy or unhealthy i was in the army the shortest time i could sign up for and running because its monday sucks. walking does improve my mood but forced death runs is for the birds.

it does most of the time but not always. and usually it only improves for a couple hours after workout

I’ve found that plyometrics are the best way for me to get endorphins into my system. I might be getting to old for them, though.

I kick start the day at the gym
I do from 20 minutes to 40 minutes mostly cycling or fast walk on treadmill

I do running, strength training (mostly calisthenics) and Krav Maga. It keeps me well and feeling well. I ran this morning and I feel a lot better than when I woke up.

Part of my strength of character is my physical strength and fitness. I see my will reflected in my body.

Swimming helps me quiet my head… and helps me move the muscles and relax…

I get pretty edgy if I don’t swim for a while.

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