Does everyone here have a stick up their arse?

Because I can just go to another schizophrenia forum, this is not the only one. “Oh, I’m offended” Let me shed some light, life doesn’t give a damn if you’re offended or not. Get over yourselves. Egos much.

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Quite the ego you’ve got there yourself thinking that people are concerned if you post or not.

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You’ve hit the forum at a rough time. It’s not generally like this.

Hm. I note your IP address is shared with that of a user who supposedly committed suicide a while back and had a parent post on their behalf. And that your account fired up at the same time that account went dark. And that you both have identical posting styles.

Want to keep putting a spotlight on yourself? I’m okay with expanding this discussion.

(Probably wearing the mod hat for the last time)


Oooòhhhh i love a good plot twist!!!


He/she never said anyone did.

Ahahahaha! A liar caught in the act. @Kellie , shame on you!

Damn, she should be perma-banned for lying about committing suicide and making multiple accounts.

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Oh dam it’s gettin real. Get your popcorn.


This user is suspended until November 19, 2289 10:50pm.

Ahhahaha, I love the 10:50pm part.

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I’m going out with a bang.

Speaking of which, what forum software you recommending these days?


Sorry to hear this news.


I’m kind of partial to

Don’t go pixel!

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Are you leaving pixel? Dont go


While I would be happy that someone did not end their life, I’m hoping that you didn’t leave the Kellie suicide message. I was actually very concerned when I saw that post from “Kellie’s Mom.” In fact, I just recently private messaged her to see how she was doing.

Please don’t do that anymore, it’s really destructive. I’m not sure if you can still private message or not if you’ve been banned, but if you can, please feel free to pm me anytime you are feeling down. Believe me, I’ve been through it.

Your Friend,

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I don’t think she can pm while banned. This was a really sweet message, though.

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Hugs 15 Times 15 times