Does early treatment has better outcome?

I wonder where I would be now if I was put on meds at 15 instead of 20 y.o. Would I have had less negative symptoms?

Nobody will be able to say with definite evidence, but studies do show that faster treatment and stronger effort to control the symptoms early on does result in improved circumstances for the person affected — this is generally speaking and from reading through mostly medical literature

If you weren’t showing clear symptoms at that age, many drs would have never seen or suspected. Believe in luck I’d say, the fact it was spotted when it was spotted must have a meaning! or it’s a coincidence which is good because it could have been hidden and not realised before it is too late?


I told Drs that I am hearing voices and feeling detached from reality and that I am unreal. 2 different Drs ignored me and ignored my request to see a psychiatrist. One said its just stress and the other referred me to a psychologist. I was only taken seriously and seen by a psychiatrist after my 2nd suicide attempt. I guess its better to forget the past…

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In this case, yeah, I do believe you should forget some of it.

You should also understand that you have first hand anecdotal evidence for how drs or medical professionals are not any better than the next person at avoiding making mistakes or failures.

The fact you are now on a better track means you’ve been given an opportunity by life to change accordingly. Understand the wisdom of failures, and make something good come of it. Even if it’s just advising people take someone seriously. Practice good things and good things will arrive at your doorstep.

I hope life has improved for you and I hope you get out of it what you wish for.

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Thanks! Yes it did improve.

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Happy for you brother!

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The reason why its said that early intervention gives better future outcome is because the individual who have no insight go along with the negative state of mind responding to unreal thoughts, feelings etc and can do several actions without knowing. For example drug abuse, substance abuse, reckless money spending, not taking care of health by not eating properly, sleeping properly, exercise, avoiding social situations due to fear etc. This soon becomes a new habit and individual keep following this bad pattern. The cumulative effect of these is even bad when the time duration increases. While if treatment is got early the individual gets insight of their illness and they better able to manage the side effects associated with the illness and thus can get better outlook when compared with no treatment.

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