Does dystonia go away afer switching med

I have developed dystonia on my neck, i am thinking of switching my med, but will it go away.

For those who don’t know what dystonia is:

i would definately tell your dactor. p/doc about this,

i had something like this once but it was serious and a reaction to a medication they were trying on me i had to be hospitalized for 3 weeks because of it, but they gave me a drug called procyclodine and that took it away almost instantly,

idk if thats what i had but i would definately tell your doc,

take care

I called my pdoc and left a voice mail…are you still taking procyclodine? Or it was one time deal?


they gave me 2 doses in close succession and the second dose worked and that was it, i only remember the drug because i was in so much distress, i was trying to sit down but i was upside down on the chair :frowning: they also took me off of that med as we knew it was definitely that.

it might not be the same thing so dont pin your hopes on this, but just in case it is a good idea to get it checked out.

what medication are you taking that is causing that?

I am taking risperdal…i dont even know if this is dystonia or not… I am just constantly wanting to stretch and flex my neck muscles.

did this go away

I do less since i have reduced the doze.

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I have had that with risperdal and some others. I was put on cogentin which helped. But I switched meds and it went away completely

this is the last real thing im dealing from risidule from my psychosis. that an energy i sit in bed all day but i think thats because im depressed from all the distractive twisting