Does devotion make ones happier?

I am thinking when someone devotes him/herself to favorite hobby or admirable person, will he/she feel happier? The reasoning behind is not to think too much of ourselves. For example, I always enjoy to become assistant to somebody and find great pleasure doing it.

Have you devote yourself to anything before? Do you feel good in showing your self-sacrificing spirit?

There are hobbies, religions, and professions you can devote yourself to, as well as causes. I think devotion to a cause is the ultimate guarantee of personal fulfillment by getting outside yourself.

If you’re devoted to a cause, though, there must be some form of action you can take about it. Otherwise you are doomed to personal frustration as you can see in forum members who try to make a cause out of a conspiracy theory or a particular method of treatment. There must be some empowerment.

Did you ever read the book (or see the movie) “The Remains of the Day” by Kazuo Ishiguro (and starring Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson)? It’s about a man who devoted his whole life to someone he felt was greater than himself, and now finds himself looking back and questioning whether this was the right thing to do.

He found a great deal of meaning and satisfaction in that devotion, however. I’ve found that to be the case in my life, too - not necessarily devotion to a person, but feeling like I’m serving a bigger ideal. I used to work with at-risk and autistic children, and there were few things more satisfying. Also exhausting.

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Thanks for your enlightenment. I have looked up the dictionary and “devoted to cause” actually means “devoted to purpose”. I am not sure what is happening to members who are devoting to cause of conspiracy. Though, I think following an organization or group is safer.

By being devoted to a conspiracy I mean being devoted to exposing the conspiracy. Sorry, poor wording.

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