Does cold food make you cold?

i’ve been very hot lately. i noticed that eating warm food, during cold winter, made me warm. i’m wondering if cold food would make me cold, particularly ice water. but i think cold water only is good for hydrating rather than cooling.

well i just popped a cup of water into the freezer, so i guess i’ll find out soon enough.

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When I drink ice water, I can feel it chill my chest cavity :joy:

i drank a bunch of cold water and am freezing so much i have to get under covers


at this rate, summer won’t be fun.
i’m doing… things… right now, just to stay cool.

Have you tried those cool towels? I use them at work every since they said we can’t wear shorts. They do help you just have to get them wet every now and then.

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I never drink iced drinks because they make me chilled to the bone. I always drink room temperature or hot drinks.

i drank a bit of ice water, but i don’t think i drank enough. i just filled a container with water and put it in the freezer. about an hour from now, hopefully i’ll be as cold as… the ice water. also, i think my laptop is giving off heat.

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Yes, cold food makes me cold. I only drink Frappacinos when I am warm and it’s warm out. I eat ice cream every night and then promptly get under the covers.