Does coffee make you fat due to cortisol that it produces?


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I don’t believe black coffee does. It’s the sugar that’s added.


When your body produces cortisol, it causes a weigh loss resistance. It does make it harder to lose weight. Also, when you put on fat, it usually will gather mostly around your midsection.
I have a problem with losing belly fat, because of this I finally gave up coffee and am trying to de-stress (kind of difficult when you have anxiety).
I also rarely consume sugars, so I know that’s not the cause.
Sugar only causes weight gain in excess. Every body has a certain threashold it can metabolize.

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Plain black coffee without cream and sugar doesn’t make you fat. It has no calories.
It’s the cream and sugar that makes you fat. Lots of calories.

What makes people fat from coffee is if you do lattes or fraps which are like milkshakes and load it w fatty milk/cream/sugar, etc. Coffee itself doesn’t make you fat.

The fancy ones do. A regular cup of black coffee has about ten calories. But you can accumulate several hundred calories in a latte or other fancy coffee drink, with all the heavy cream and whole milk and flavouring syrups. Stick to plain coffee with perhaps 2% or some flavoured creamer - not a lot, just to taste.

While caffeine stimulates cortisol secretion, a 2005 report published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine found that regular coffee drinking increases our tolerance, blunting this effect somewhat.

Coffee doesn’t produce enough cortisol to be significant.