Does coffee help negative symptoms

I quit drinking my morning cup of coffee a few days ago. I’m feeling really withdrawn and depressed. Could this mood be related to caffeine withdrawal or is it just schizophrenia?

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Just withdrawal probably.

I quit coffee completely and felt really bad for a couple of weeks. Then felt better than I was when I was drinking coffee.

But I now take 1 cup a day due to boredom. If I take 2 or more cups it makes me feel bad.

I was consuming 5 to 6 cups of coffee lately.
My psychiatrist and therapist told me to cut down to my regular 2 cups a day immediately.

Yesterday I had 3 cups.

Too much caffeine is not healthy especially if you are diagnosed with an anxiety or depressive disorder.

It certainly does. @EARS

Temporarily tho.

Like others have said what you’re experiencing is common with caffeine withdrawal.

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