Does clozapine or other psych medication improve concentration?

I can’t read books or articles on paper anymore but when i was on clozapine i think i was a lot better at reading books and stuff. I once read clozapine is the best schizophrenia medication is that true? I wont go back to it since i was sleeping all day and night without dreaming and gained like 60 pounds and many other adverse effects.

How do i concentrate to read books to get ahead in life?

Clozapine is a great medicine. :gorilla::gorilla::gorilla:

I was great on clozapine and found it to be very good drug. Trouble was that it did not like my neutrophils (type of white blood cell). so I had to come off it. My concentration improved but I did suffer with eyesight problems whilst on clozapine and needed stronger reading glasses.

Once I came off clozapine my concentration levels fell but my eyesight improved. Weird stuff

Did it make your white blood cells go up or down? I take Clozapine and my WBC is high. :frog::frog::frog:

I haven’t been able to read for many years and that didn’t change when I went on clozapine. My concerta got upped a few days ago and I am not so sleepy during the day which is great. My concentration is very poor. I’m hoping that improves. My pdoc says that poor concentration and losing my words is a part of the illness not a side effects

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