Does caffeine makes you more in touch with reality?

I usually drink a lot o caffeine, and, when I do, I feel that my thinking becomes much clearer.
Insight into situations becomes more grounded in reality.

Is that just me?

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I don’t know but it makes me more awake. I will have another coffee now, it’s morning here :slight_smile:

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Yes it makes me more in the world and less in that half sedated semi dream state I’m normally in.

I’ve been avoiding caffeine and even skipping my modafinil because I’ve had no reason to be awake, I don’t want to be awake I just want to sleep the days away.

Where do you live @anon51414962

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@Tyme I live in Romania Eastern Europe now it’s 9am here :slight_smile:

Cool. How’s mental health care their?

I will let @anon92220549 to describe it. I must go now.


The insurance covers pretty much everything
We have SSI but its not so much
The hospital in my town is a joke
But I was in Cluj which is more at European standards


I love coffee. I have around 3 or so cups per day. It helps wake me up in the morning, and i just like the social aspect of having a cup of coffee and chatting. I don’t think it makes much difference to my cognition. I’ve had coffee on my bad days and i’m just as mentally ill after it as i was before it. But everyone’s different and if it works for you then you have another weapon in your arsenal to combat your symptoms.

Are you okay @Anna? What’s making you want to sleep the days away? I’ve felt like this in the past and overdosed on my AP’s to get the desired effect. I know you have narcolepsy so you won’t have to do this but what’s bringing you down?

Haha true unexpected positive of narcolepsy if I ever want to go into a depression coma and sleep all day it’s very easy! Just skip the narcolepsy medication lol.

I’ve been being abused and harassed severely by the demons as of late and it’s sent me into this spiral where I’m a nervous mess & extremely irritable and am just feeling a lot of feelings I don’t want to feel so if I sleep I don’t have to feel them.

But it also makes it easier for them to attack me so I can’t win :weary:

Definitely, I’ve even starting buying caffeine pills from the gas station, They’ll keep you going and clear your mind.

natural caffeine does make a person more alert, so yes. it stimulates the brain.

it helps to push one through some unwanted side effects, symptoms or issues they are having that day so your more motivated to face them.

i also tend to think the natural stuff keeps you connected with life.

i’ve had my fair share of energy drinks but most caffeine replacement products seem to be a huge concentrated dose of vitamins and other energy supplements. not judging anyone, just relating info.

It worsens my psychosis. Can’t take it.

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