Does benzos make u tired and sleepy?

i take Klonopin 0.25mgs…it makes me sleep twice a day…
i take it at night…i am trying to get off it …is it a good idea…???
i need ur inputs.??? thanks for reading…:pray:

I would recommend taking it at night. A very common side effect of benzos is they make you sleepy.


Why do you take Klonopin?

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I take it for anxiety…on my next meet with pdoc i am going to drop off Benzo…

Ok I understand.
But I thought you had negative symptoms? It is weird to have negative symptoms and anxiety too…

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Unfortunately i have both…:smoking:


No it never made me tired but it could for you.

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I am more concerned on sleepiness rather than tiredness…
@turningthepage Did u came off benzos??

Today’s day 2 no benzos … I didn’t get any withdrawals but I’m a freak of nature when it comes to benzos

Good for U…:+1:
u can come off it without side effects…
U can brah…

I have come off benzos a couple of times. First was diazepam which I had been taking for six months. Was no problem (saying that the diazepam did little for me so don’t think I built up tolerance).

Second was klonopin - that was a bit rough. Was on 12mg a day which is crazy - my gp clearly had little experience with this med. usually only 1 or 2 mg a day are taken. Hated that period of my life but luckily I don’t remember any of it.


12 mg that’s crazyyy!

God bless u sir

Literally lost two months of my life. My neighbours keep bringing up conversations I have no memory of. Same with photos on my phone.

Was during the last World Cup (soccer).

Being that out of it is not living and I think lacks dignity.


Damn I love me some World Cup!

Yeah benzos memory loss is worse than alcohol.

I knew a kid on 10 mg of Xanax but I think 12 mg of klonopin is worse

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Is a miracle I didn’t fall down the stairs and break my neck. Was not in the least safe.

I take clonazapam twice daily, it helps me with my anxiety but it can be habit forming sometimes. When anxious just like to fall asleep.

yeah benzos make me feel good but dreamy and very sleepy sometines i blakcout a lot on them mainly because i take to much

Same with me JimBob. But I lost like 6 months. Those pills are devilish.

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Different people have different reactions to it. Some get so sedated they fall unconscious and can’t be awakened until it wears off, others get sedated and calm but don’t fall asleep, others don’t get sedated but they get euphoric and high as a kite.

Valium 5mg makes me a little sedated but not too sleepy.
Temazepam (not sure the dose) makes me fall asleep and stay asleep.