Does benzo helps ocd?

Does benzo helps ocd ?

What would be option for people who does not respond/tolerate SSRIs or any antidepressants.

You seem to be shopping aroundfor pills that help OCD recently.

You know what helps OCD? Therapy. Actively working on controlling the compulsive thoughts and actions, and learning to challenge your thinking.


I don’t think therapy would make OCD disappear completely. You can work on trying not to act like you have OCD, but afterall you’ll still have it as there’s a chemical issue. It’s like people with Tourette’s syndrome. You can learn how to hide it, but in the end you’re still going to deal with this issue. My opinion has always been that a patient should at first treat its OCD with drugs, meanwhile going to a therapy to acknowledge that its compulsive disorder is pointless and you shouldn’t do that. When you finally get rid of OCD, then you stop taking antidepressants and it should be fine after that.

Benzo helps just a little with OCD, it isn’t a remedium.

There are many antidepressant out there that you probably have never used. Psychiatry is like a lottery, sometimes you have to change it a couple of times in order to find this one drug that suits you well and helps you with your OCD.


Just got a text from pdoc, he says benzos can help.

But only for singular cases, of course? I hope he doesn’t want to put you on benzos in a long term.

I take this benzo called “clobazam” since 3 years. It has been tremendous for my panic attacks plus i have not developed any tolerance. Pdoc says this benzo dose can be increased for ocd

Hey @clinic, neither a good med regime or therapy should be dismissed. Therapy for OCD does a lot more than make one able to fake that they don’t have it, but it isn’t a cure all and medication helps manage the symptoms, especially before you have learned coping skills in therapy.

As far as benzos are concerned, for me they only helped take the edge off of my anxiety when I would try not to act on my compulsions. They didn’t take away my obsessive thoughts or the desire to act on my compulsions. Talk to your pdoc about the best path forward to recovery. They will have a lot more information about what you need. People have different views on meds and therapy, but your pdoc has both the experience and insight into your case to help you make the right decisions for your treatment.

Good luck!

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