Does audiotary hallucination getting worse by time?

Hi.for people who hear things.does this hallucinations getting worse by time for example after 30 years old.or it is happening at eary age and it does not getting worse.

It can get better especially with proper treatment. Supposedly schizophrenia improves after a certain age, it might be 40 or 50…but I heard voices from 14-20 but haven’t heard them since. But that’s thanks to meds IMO.

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Maybe @SzAdmin can help us with correct knowledge.

My pdoc said “you need 10 mg of prolixin, but when you’re older you may only need 2.5 mg”

I also read in my book surviving schizophrenia, you get better with older age.


Well - auditory hallucinations are only one symptom (though common) of schizophrenia, and I’m not familiar with specific research covering the severity over time.

Generally I think people tend to get better with age.

There are, however, many different outcomes. Here is one summary - from pretty old information, but I haven’t seen anything newer yet (it probably exists - but I haven’t had time to look):

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