Does Anyone Think That People Who Break The Law. . . . . . . . .


I Was Wondering.

Do You Think People Who Commit Seriously Violent Crimes Feel No One Listens Or Understands Them?. And For Example:::~ Feel That If They Are Holding A Weapon Someone Will Listen To Their Self Valued Thoughts, Ideas, And Or Opinions?.

Not So Much, Holding A Gun To Someone’s Head With The Intention To Discuss A Book They May Have Read. More So, The Fact That Everyone Knows They Have Weapons Usually On Them. So Everyone Feels Like It Is A Slight Chance Of Survival To Listen To Their Point Of View.

If That Case Is True In Any Sense. What Could Be A Permanent Solution To The Problem?.

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

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That’s kind of a specific but vague post. Some people are just violent.
It could be for many reasons. Your idea may be correct that maybe they feel small and insignificant and take their anger about it out on other people. But on the other hand they may be violent by nature. They may have grown up in an area where they had to fight to survive or maybe they grew up n a household with a lot of violence and it taught them to be violent. And once they learned it they just didn’t care about taking their anger out on their victims. There’s a lot of angry people out there who just don’t care.


i think it bad behavior can be attributed to problems in the brain and maybe emotions due to circumstances in someones life


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