Does anyone talk to the empty chair?

i talk to the empty chair a lot now, idk if you know what i mean by that, i’m starting to talk to the empty chair a lot more now.

I think that’s good. A good person to talk to -

Like Clint Eastwood? That’s the only thing I can think of.

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its hard to explain but it is definitely not a voice in the head.

its an empty seat

I wrote a poem once about the empty chair. It was like a person + it was always there waiting + most of the time you pass it by. It was a comfortable stuffed chair. Don’t remember exactly. The chair was right there before me as I wrote. Is your chair like that, Daydreamer?

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yes, that exactly what it is like, do you still have the poem?

oh wait, it is in the mind though

I don’t think so, but I’ll look + see. I tried to put it into words. I think I was having trouble doing that.

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it is hard to understand,

it is a chair but it is like a counsellors chair or a friends chair, basically everybody and anybody can sit on the chair, the chair is everybody and nobody at the same time,
even when someone is sitting in it, it is still empty.

but i get a lot of help from that chair.

I like that. Good.

Different from my chair. I’ll look up to see if I have the poem when it gets light. I might not have finished it.

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When I was a Christian, I used to do that - I imagined Jesus was sitting there and I talked to him. It was a good spiritual practice. Now as a Muslim I just get on my prayer mat and talk to God. Nowadays I have my husband to talk to! :smiley: If he’s not around, then I journal or text or email someone else I love.

i can sit in the chair sometimes

I can sort of understand the talk to the chair… The chair is a representation of someone…

If your trying to work a conversation out in your head… I think I get it…

For me… It seems if I’m looking to right past wrongs… it’s a conversation with the mirror.

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that chair has answered many prayers and revealed so much about myself

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As long as it’s not the electric chair you’re fine.

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yeah that would be a bummer lol,

those prisoners in texas on death row probably have that empty chair in there mind constantly

i wonder if it makes them feel any regret,

You know what the best part of all those executions in Texas is?

Fewer Texans!!

I think that if you withdraw from others so you can talk to your chair it might be a problem.

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i think the chair can offer people a lot of comfort though,

if you withdraw from people then atleast you can use the chair as a means of recovery.

the chair is a positive influence, it is the conscience and the counsellor, it is the nerve centre, the reasoning, the gatekeeper.

everything you say and or do has to go through the chair