Does anyone suffer from social problems and work

I’m experiencing a lot of gang stalking recently – I know a lot of other schizo victims report verbal harassment from strangers about private matters and report mistreatment by store staff/customer service people. I mean store personnel yelling nutty talk loudly & insulting customers who are shopping. I’ve never seen anything this crazy out of anyone but it seems a lot of the young people (<40) have taken to act this way to deal with their psychotic episodes…I won’t even go on to complain more about the trespassers (former friends’ folks), vandals, stalkers, nutty coworkers, customer service komikasi (sp?) hell bent on messing up something important (oh, lord I need not even discuss the mechanics…)…

It is so shocking some of these folks younger than 40 will actually verbally harass a customer knowing they will get fired themselves in order to deal with being crazy themselves (most likely a schizo behavior)…Some cities have a ton of this…I mean mentally unstable (usually male) coworkers almost the norm and psychopathic stuff is common…they want to take out a coworker when they leave with a bang.

I take the meds. I do not discuss the diagnosis or act nutty. My professional skills are excellent…with exception of slight passive & confrontation avoidance issues due to being raised by shot-gun wielding (irrational) father… I go to a lot of social stuff & only see a little of this ■■■■ (unless trying to shop) so don’t insult me with the ‘medication miracle’ comments.

SO after I worked life and death situations at my former employment, how do I re-enter this kind of job market? I’m trying for entry-level technical professional employment. The change of field makes for a much lower stress situation and good pay…How do you all deal with these ‘social problems of schizophrenia’?

I got 5 years of therapy only to walk away with no assistance to deal with this kind of schizo crap. The last therapist actually got angry and threatened to lock me up for asking how to ‘work again’.

Some jobs I used to have problems. All depended how the other employees and/or boss was. Some were really good. last job I worked in 2004 I was truing to get things running smoother and boss didn’t like it, fired me, and got some of his ‘pet’ employees to lie so I couldn’t win a labor board dispute. He did agree to pay me $90 I had been shorted in pay though, so he at least admitted to something!
I got increasingly frustrated with crowded places, close proximity to people, bright lights and noise. I never liked those things anyways. I left the work environment, went to college for a year, then on and off did self employment on the internet…saved money between that and money saved from jobs, bought land and built a house.
I seem to be pretty much over social anxiety, in fact i like going out now because i only leave the woods once a week or so.

i don’t have the ability to work anymore…i lost the last 2 jobs i had…i could not cope with the co-workers at all…it was beyond awful…i do not know what i would have done if i hadn’t gotten on social security…i became a basket case…]

i hope the best for you,and just do what you can…

It was a terrified experience when I finally gave up trying to work. My boss was on my case for mistakes that I made that I was sure I had done right. She was complaining that I always looked tired and that I got there before everyone and left promptly at 3:30. I had to go to therapy. She decided to put in the steps to fire me because she said I did good for a while then would slip back. I never talked to anyone and stayed in my cube all day except for runs to the printer. The voices were telling me to kill myself before she killed me. I couldn’t take it anymore. I went on medical leave and have never been back.

Even though I go to work but I tend to isolate

I like to be alone a lot and I tend to wonder at people who feel the need to be near or talking to someone else all the time.
Do you isolate or introvert? Isolate is when you cannot deal with other people so you shut them out. Introvert is when you would rather not deal with other people so you shut them out.
If you introvert, try spending more time alone to refresh yourself for when you need to be around people.
If you isolate, get a pet. Maybe a foster pet until you know you can take care of them. Something big that you can interact with. Not a guppy. Maybe a dog or a cat. You can practice on your dog or cat. If you tend to be self centered (like @SurprisedJ suggested that most of us do) a pet can help you break out of that I think. It might help you make a routine of being about to reach back at other people who reach out to you. Like if lightning scares you dog and you need to cuddle him or her until it passes is great. It will also give you some social interaction. When I get really sad my cat comes and loves on me. She just comes up and “demands” petting. She purrs and puts her little nose in my face. It’s really cute.
I introvert rather than isolate most of the time. I have a more “professional” than “friend/casual” relationship with most of my classmates. I don’t go out of my way to see them. I love my job but that is professional too. All in all I spend maybe 3-4 hours a day being social. This includes meals (I usually eat with one of my friends and her boyfriend). So that’s two hours already leaving me with only maybe one hour of real genuine just hanging out. That’s after work out time.
Be warned though: if you really do like to introvert a pet might be uncomfortable sometimes. My cat wants lots of love so I have to pet her while I am on the computer, which is annoying. But it stops me from shutting out the entire world.

I think that’s really good advice. I’m sorry if I implied or said that I think people are self centered. That was never my intent to be insulting. I know that we have to be self focused due to this illness and the time and effort it takes to make it through our day. I sort of feel like my day is a juggling match. I have to make sure to get not too little, not too much sleep, and take my meds, and stay away from too much stress, but tire myself out just enough that I’m not hyper, but not so much that I’m frazzled… I’m very self centered… or self focused.

I’m working on that. I catch myself sometimes, but I also need help so I don’t come off as obnoxious.

I do talk of centering one’s self to try and get calm as well. I you can find a the calm and center yourself, that’s not the same as being self centered… or is it? It could be because one is focusing on the self.

The english language… so much to convey, not enough words.

naaaaah don’t worry about it. I understood.

My Alogia is quite bad.