Does anyone sleep with the house boiler in their bedroom?

Yeah for about a week or two. We have snow about 7 months out of the year.

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The last house I owned had super big old school windows. It was very poorly insulated and had drafts like you wouldn’t believe. It was always cold in the winter…the furnace just could not keep up. I honestly can’t remember what my heating bills were(this was like 7 or 8 years ago), but I remember them being extremely high.

I know. I’m so lazy. Every time this is brought up I’m in bed tucked away for potential sleep.

I’ll still try yo take a photo

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There was this spooky story in my middle school about boilers. It used to scare us a lot! My teachers would tell us stories about them during halloween and winter and we thought the story was real.

Now now, it is rude to push people to post hot pics :fire:

it’s oK, best not too, sorry to bother you

I sleep with an electrical heater and a fridge in my room. The fridge really sometimes makes loud noises.