Does Anyone Seek Freedom From Not Controlling Others Outside Of Self?


It Is A Form Of Love.

Friendship In Self. And Friendship Outside Of Self.

Controlling Other’s Is Prison For All Involved.

Don’t Do It Anymore.

It’s Nothing But A Terrorizing Spiritual Dead End. . . . . .

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!.

P.s. I’m Really Bored.

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Love. Guilt. Things. Meanings.

Who’s Fault?.

No One Wants To Be The Fool. . . . . . .

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!.


Seek Honest Friendship.

A Hand In Faith And Dreams.

For The Eternal Inner Metaphorical Angels Inside Of Ourselves. . . . . . .

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!.

P.s. Still Bored. Guess We Should Jus Give Up?.

Love can never possess. Love offers the individual freedom . Peace out

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