If so, what do you take?

I’m on a real medication roller coaster! :roller_coaster:

Abilify and klonopin. I love it.

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How many mgs of abilify? Did you have auditory hallucinations prior?

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20 MG of abilify… And Rarely. I did but it was very rare.

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Oh I have annoying voices allot. I wonder how well it works for those.

Geodon, Seroquel, and Wellbutrin. I think these are the best drugs for me.

Things are going well so far with mine.

YEA you don’t take anything. BUT you also don’t leave your house, unless you drink. So when you do, then let’s chat.

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Right… errr… yeah you’re right. I hate out there.

WAY to go Crimbly!!!

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Those meds all constipate me. How do you poop?

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I’ve found a way. They constipated me too - badly. At first I took bulk fiber laxative. That kept me pooping for a while. Then I discovered these packages of frozen mixed vegetables - frozen corn, peas, green beans, and carrots. I heat them in the microwave, and I put some kind of sauce or parmesean cheese on them. I put sweet and sour sauce on them for a while, but I ran out of that. Now I’m putting on ranch dressing. Any sauce you find tasty you can put on them. It works like a charm. It cured my constipation.

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Interesting. I will try those out.

50 mg Seroquel…
80 mg Latuda
25 mg Depakote Er.

I love it… the Seroquel keeps the wheel in my head from speeding up
The Latuda keeps the Seroquel form making me a zombie and keeps the negative flat wax build-up away
The Depakote has gotten my manic spikes under control.

10 mg of Haldol 3 times per day. Love it!

Geodon, Propranolol, Xanax, Nexium, nicotine patch, melatonin.

Uh also caffeine or good luck getting me to function at all.

I like it. Wow I am having deja vu.

Yeah, Invega 75mg and Zyprexa 5mg, I’m happy with it

It typically doesnt do that…but everyone is different. On an empty stomach, it does knock you out. You know it says to take it with 500 calories, right? I take 60mg twice a day with breakfast and dinner. I eat a fair amount, I workout.

I don’t have a combo anymore and these days I just take 15mg of Olanzapine each night!

I do however take vitamins (berocca with breakfast and vit b complex and omega 3 at night) and I’ve noticed a difference in mood and concentration!