Does anyone know why when you start your period you get acne?

Does anyone know?

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Hormone fluctuations, testosterone I believe and estrogen also plays a part


Thank you. I was just curious. I was depressed this morning so I laid in bed til 1030 am. I’m usually up by 8.

Oh man, I’m sorry. Was there something getting you down?

I think it’s the illness and me being on my period doesn’t help. I’m depressed a lot but I fight it by like getting in the shower to wake myself up or getting up and straightening the house.


I understand. When I used to get my period it was hell. I was a complete mess. I was a total b I t c h half the time. I couldn’t control my emotions. They would swing rapidly. And I would get angry easily. But it all calmed down when I stopped thankfully when I started taking aps. But I do still get depressed. Maybe try to get a shower, maybe that will perk you up.

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