Does anyone know whether this sounds like borderline alcoholism?

I had a 175ml glass of red wine yesterday.
It’s 4.30 am and i think i have a major come down / craving…
I’ve been asleep, but i’m restless and aching in my body seems like, makes me feel like tensing all my muscles

I don’t want to stop.
I will probably have 5 drinks tomorrow, which is hugely unusual for me, 3 is usually my limit, but not on Saturday last week i had 4 which suggests tolerance.

Assuming I don’t go to AA, or quit completely, does anyone have any tips for cutting down? I want to spend as little of my life as possible feeling like this, and i still want to drink sometimes… I think i sound like an alike saying that… but i’d like to drink maybe 3 x a week, one glass once, 2 glasses once and 3 glasses the other time

as long as this is not a large glass every time
currently have drunk more than that lately - like 3 glasses , 2 days in a row and 1 glass, 2 other days in the same week.

guess there is no point asking permission from you guys… but the restlessness is worse and if it’s this bad each of 3 times a week, 6 glasses
i think it can’t possibly be worth the comedown.

maybe i just needed to voice this… maybe i’m tired in every part of my body because i haven’t slept enough yet

for most ordinary people they either hardly drink at all or a bottle of wine in the bath is nothing to be ashamed of

If you think it might be a problem then it probably is a problem.


Malvok, is that what a comedown feels like? ants in your belly? wanting to tense up, restless?

And how can it be a problem? I stick to the recommended units for women (under 14) as a rule…

is it possible that binge drinking as a teenager for one summer holiday can be responsible for a dysfunctional relationship with alcohol for life
i know they say once an alcoholic always an alcoholic?

but this is SO threatening to my sister who is a real boozer… I wouldn’t be able to say anything to her about this

For me I get the shakes for like 2 days.

I just know for me… yes I am an alcoholic… in constant recovery… sober for the past 6 years. I would obsess on alcohol. I would freak out if I found myself sober.

One thing that stand out in your post…

The great news… you got the job with the theater company… the other side of that coin… stress and pressure… this might be amping up some anxiety or… you might be hitting an energy spike or a bit of a hypomania and the depressant abilities in alcohol could be what your caving…

It might not be alcohol your craving as much as the depressant properties.

There are a lot of options to consider.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

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My knowledge of alcoholism is quite low. I’ve known alcoholics and have been to a few AA meetings but I don’t know much. I do know though that when alcohol use starts feeling like a problem then it probably is one.

I started to develop a problem with alcohol back in school. I was lucky in that I was able to get a hold of it and stop drinking before it got bad.

I wouldn’t worry so much about the origin of the problem, be it that one summer, genetics, or environment. Just try to concentrate on controlling your drinking or stopping completely.



3 times a week, one glass, two glasses and three glasses each time

not 3 x 6

6 in total glasses…

I took a phenergan last night because of the full moon

I heard that not being able to stop drinking within an evening , like once you start you can’t stop is a major sign

Although 7 hours later i do want another one, it is possible for me to put off this drink till tonight going out to a party (probably the last time i’ll ever go clubbing willingly)

3 times a week seems a hell of a lot of times in a week to feel like this

maybe make it 2 x

3 glasses
and 2 glasses

annnnnd hold myself back,

thanks level
it’s not a great thing that…
do you drink regularly at the moment?

I dont drink regularly , but if i do drink I drink too many. like 12 or more drinks. I would say I am a binge alcoholic

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You don’t drink in quantities that most AA alcoholics drink in. I used to drink 30-35 beers in a day. However, if you feel like you’re out of control maybe you should cut back. Alcohol is a form of sugar, and maybe what you are experiencing is a sugar craving. Next time you crave alcohol try eating a candy bar instead.

175 ml would be nothing for me but I have a high tolerance to that stuff. I could drink a 750 ml bottle of red wine and have little effect and no come down. 2 bottles might get me going, and at my worst binge I drank 3 x 750 ml in a day.

But, some people seem to get drunk on just 2 or 3 drinks about 175 ml each.

Alcoholics tend to drink daily and dont stop till either the entire bottle or they themselves are gone and pass out.

the amount you say you are drinking almost sounds like the healthy amount…1 -2 glasses of red wine 2 or 3 days a week, or a glass a day…some doctors say is good for you.

But these symptoms could mean your body isn’t responding well to alcohol, and I knew someone who even became allergic to it and couldnt drink at all without getting a massive migraine…not from a hangover but immediately while or right after swallowing the drink…

I used to enjoy it, both the taste and the feeling…but not the come down or hangover feeling … could always quit entirely. I did 13 months ago. It’s worth it. Shouldn’t have much if any withdrawals with the amount you’ve been drinking…

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Thanks very much for your reply
Cpn says it sounds like anxiety so I guess that’s good

It sounds like its anxiety that is making you want to drink to calm down. Try another method to rid yourself of the anxiety.



Yes good point !

Like maybe get some exercise during the day, or when you feel like drinking do something with your hands like knit, play a game, work on a jigsaw puzzle, crossword puzzle, have a cup of decaf tea instead or a bowl of ice cream.

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Since about a month ago I don’t have any vices but coffee. I used to smoke cigarettes, drink once a week, and smoke weed continuously. now …just coffee…amazing how it feels to wake up every day and know I’m free of my vices that kept me so down and so poor. I wish you luck…

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