Does anyone know someone who recovered from antipsychotic Depot

Hello I took invega sustenna multiple people have long term damage from it how is the damage different from oral antipsychotic

Damn please stop posting about this. It’s really not that serious.

You sound like you need to be on medication anyway

Are you manic or something

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Invega sustenna has a much longer half-life than the oral, and it is way more potent. Oral has a half-life of roughly a day, whereas the sustenna has a half-life of 24-49 days.

I prefer oral to the shot, it’s much more tolerable. Give it a try!

bro are you depressed? take an antidepressant to ease ur mind

It causes brain damage guy

Will that help my mom only gives me buspar I can’t find mine

Invega doesn’t cause brain damage. It doesn’t have anticholinergic activity, which is what is tied to the brain shrinkage phenomenon. Whatever it does to the body is temporary.

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So does schizophrenia.

Do you not know anything about mental health.

Get some facts before you try to argue with me

Ok so I just gotta wait a year to feel normal does suicidal thoughts ever go away

If you are schizophrenic, they way youre acting now shows me that you will never last without medicine

Ok I’m sorry I just don’t know if I can live on meds like you I’m not that tough

Try taking a B-complex pill for the depression, low levels of B-vitamins are tied to depression.

I need my B-complex to keep my mood up, since missing it makes me chemically depressed.

I’m not trying to be mean.

For example, I’m on invega and it works for me.

But check it out: I was on risperdal consta BEFORE Invega and after a while I HATED risperdal.

This is probably the case with you. It probably feels like the medicine is attacking your body because it is NOT the medicine for you.

You have to work with your psychiatric doctor to find your optimal medicine


if your having suicidal thoughts you should get on an antidepressant

Which antidepressants are best for working with an antipsychotic

idk i think all ssri and snri can take with antipsychotic. do u have a pyschiatrist? he will tell u

Ok I will ask next time idk when I’m going

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@unique take it easy on this person they are probably newly diagnosed. Just trying to figure things out.

Yeah i know someone, me. Im fineshsjjwhauahsbsb

You took the shot