Does anyone know of anti tension herbal remedies

Does anyone know of anti tension herbal remedies. I want to relieve tension that is leaving me tense and prone to anger.

Valerian is a calming herb. I also use magnesium powder to ease tension.

The combo works great for me. Keeps me calm and helps me sleep at night.



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Try Sarpaghanda(rauwolfia serpentina), its basically a mild anti psychotic. 100% natural.

It’s not herbal, but I relax more after I swim or run or burn off any excess energy. Then I’m too tired to be that angry.

This link has some suggestions:

Read the warnings first though and talk to your pdoc before using.

I made the mistake of giving my son St. John’s Wart… It shouldn’t be used while on anti-psychotics.

Another link:,,20669377,00.html

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Maybe some chamomille tea? I’m not sure on the spelling, but it’s supposed to be relaxing. You really ought to talk to your doctor about interactions. Some doctors know others don’t.

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I have good luck with Hyland’s Calms Forte-actually a sleep aid. They also have Hyland’s Calms, I never tried it, I needed the stronger one. Calms Forte contains passionflower, used for anxiety. Chamomile- a weak pseudo-benzo. Plus other natural things like an oatmeal extract. I’m trying to remember- I believe passionflower increases GABA levels, which induces relaxation, but I believe it also suppresses glutamate, I’d have to look it up again.

Taurine has a good reputation, I haven’t tried it yet. It’s an amino acid.

I was on the amino acid L-Theanine for months, it helped at first, but it stopped helping. L-Theanine may be more beneficial to people on meds, I wasn’t on meds at the time.

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