Does anyone know how to be intelligent like a psychiatrist

does anyone know how to be intelligent like a psychiatrist…are there websites or books out there that would enlighten you as regards insight or understanding

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I took psychology in college. I’m not as smart as my shrink but I’d like to see him change a tire on a '66 Chevy Malibu. So there, doc.

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Move two rocks around


Techniques for gaining thinking ability or wisdom have fascinated me for a long time.

There are books that claim to teach some wisdom, like De Bono’s Thinking Course:

There are also people that try to increase intelligence, like Dr. Win Wenger:

I’ve looked at many techniques for trying to increase wisdom and intelligence in myself. Eventually, I put reminders for many of those techniques in my 432 line personal wisdom poem.

I think that this is a journey you may have to take for yourself, though.

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do you know of any books that would be worth reading…im addressing this to yourself @77nick77 @DrZen @Rosenthal or any other poster

what i mean about insight for example would be understanding what a MENTAL BLOCK is about IN A PATIENT …eg when i was first seeing a psychiatrist back in 1998 i presented to my pdoc suffering from bad depression and also i reposted to him that i had the sensation of a mental block…i was unaware of what that was about (the mental block that is)…i didnt know it meant something…

a patient experiences a mental block when their mind is blocking or repressing an unconscious thought from coming in to your mind because it is totally unacceptable to them…there is this mental block because a person finds the repressed thought to be totally unacceptable to their mind…for example a person may experience a mental block in relation to their sexuality…eg a person may be disgusted by homosexuality and be totally unaware that they are homosexual themselves…as they are repressing the thought as they find it totally unacceptable to their mind, thus they experience a mental block, blocking out or repressing the thought

does anyone else know of any other insights like a pdoc has

When you master the arts of making yourself a sandwich you are not even more intelligent, but more useful too.

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Oh. I guess I misunderstood your question.

I don’t know. I’ve taken Introductory Psychology as a formal education course twice, but I don’t have any psychology books (that I’ve read) to recommend about clinical psychology.

Do you think that you could ask your psychologist or psychiatrist for a book recommendation?

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You can order the Medical books they use in class, if you can understand them.

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I think the only way I’d become intelligent is if the book, Flowers For Algernon, come true and there was an operation that made a person more intelligent.

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