Does anyone know how oysters and clams move around?

Just want to know. Some of you are from a coast.

The ocean moves them.

what about when they’re on the beach. Never above the tide?

They die when on the beach. This is an odd discussion.

must be where the expression “all washed up” comes from. No, I don’t call this discussion odd. It’s just in the interest of curiosity. Thanks again, alien.

No problem. 20 characters.

Limited Motion

Understanding how oysters procreate explains how this prize shellfish moves or travels to form colonies--referred to as beds, bars or reefs. Edible oysters fall into two different categories: Eastern oysters (Crassostrea Virginica) and Pacific oysters (Crassostrea gigas). Only for the short first part of an oyster's life does it move; beginning several days after birth, it stays put in its bed for the rest of its life.

An Oyster’s Method of Travel

The eggs are buoyant in nature. At this stage, they are swimming larva and move with the current of the ocean. Once they start to develop their hard shell, they settle to the bottom of the ocean. While on the bottom of the ocean, they begin to move or travel as do most mollusks: by foot. This foot is released in the front of the shell and grabs the floor of the ocean; the creatures then pull themselves along. At this point, oysters seek a spot to attach themselves to. Items like debris on the ocean floor or empty oyster shells are suitable places for them to make their new home. Once they attach themselves, they no longer move. The next time an oyster moves is when it is dredged up by humans to be consumed.

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But do they make other things then juround sand

this is weird

My mom’s family comes from the west coast and used to dig clams quite a bit, something about not with a month that has an “R” in it comes to mind.
You had to watch for their necks to stick out above the tide water, then use a shovel and be awful quick to dig them up.
Loved the homemade clam chowder and fried clams (among other stuff)
So yeah, they pretty much pick a spot and stay put, unless disturbed.

I am pretty sure that these mollusks have a ‘foot’ or appendage that they use to move around with

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My Mom’s a science teacher and I remember a very long lecture on how mollusks are mono-peds and how they push them selves around with the muscle that comes out when they open the shell.

Thank you all for your replies. Very cool.