Does anyone know how a Canadian can get in contact with a Doctor from Yale?

Hello friends!!

I am looking for any info as to how I can contact any psychiatric doctor who works at Yale University. Yale is reported to be the best facility in America and I am interested to know if a doctor from Yale would be interested in studying my form of Schizophrenia. I tried emailing Yale a couple months ago but was told to call its doctors. I cannot call due to cost of international calls so I am looking for an email and friendly referral if possible.


I think in order to get an appointment with a big time dr. Like one you would find at Yale. You need to call their secretary. However you might try to see if he has a LinkedIn account and if so send him a message that way. Just my two cents, best of luck


You could try calling via a voip service. That way it’s free to you. I use Google Voice for all my calls. But there are a ton of options out there.


Usually, those kinds of doctors are hard to get in with. The best way is to get a referral from your doctor, who may have contacts at Yale. I had a brain tumor as a kid, and I was able to get in with the chief brain surgeon of NYU because my neurologist went to medical school with him. It’s very political. It also helps if you have a unique case. Doctors will take you on in a heartbeat if you’re good case study material.


Refer to my PM where I gave you the contact info for Yale. As I said in the PM, you should also get in touch with the best Canadian doctors, who you will likely find at places such as University of Toronto, McGill, McMaster, Dalhousie, UBC… Canada has outstanding doctors.


Thanks to everyone that responded. This helps me a lot. I will try VOIPing Yale. I called them today and they did say I can get a referral to their hospital. Just need some to refer me I guess.

I am still open to more info on Yale.

Thank you, LED!!! VOIP is a great idea

This is completely true - and probably the best option by far. Canadian health insurance doesn’t cover you down in the US, and there are plenty of people with schizophrenia in the USA for the doctors down here to treat.

Just focus your efforts on getting good treatment close to your home.


Can you detail your personal experiences with sz?

I would be interested in doing something like this, also.

Hello Lexicon,

some of my personal experiences are as follows: I was told in 2008 that I have a very mild schizophrenia. At first I didnt want to believe it. Now, however, I have accepted it and live with it. I have been on various meds over time. Probably the worst was seroquel because of what it did to my memory. I have always been stable on my meds with no signs of serious negative or positive side-effects.

I live in a relatively small town with few options for good treatment. I am an academic and find that living in this particular town is seriously bad for my mental and physical health. There is just nothing stimulating in this town.

The other side of my illness is a bit tricky to describe as most people would believe it to be a symptom of classic schizophrenia. In August 2008, something unknown happened to me. I became, in laymens terms, telepathic. My brain is transmitting my thoughts. This is no delusion at all. When I did my first mental health exam, a 500 question, exam, the doctor administering the exam told me straight out, “we are looking for extra-sensory perception”. I had brain scans and everything else done to me. Still, however, Canada is unable to find out how my brain transmits. What makes my case unique is that everyone in Canada, including the government, believes i might have a new form of schizophrenia. Either that or my ESP is separate from my schiz. if that is the case, then where did my schizophreina come from. These are some of the questions that Canada and I deal with every day.

I want to visit the States (as we in Canada call you guys), particularly Yale, because Canada has no answers.

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I actually went to Yale when I overdosed because I was living in a group home in New Haven. I stayed for 24-48 hours and then was let out. Didn’t go to the psych ward, but it was the nicest hospital I’ve ever been in.

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Why are you refusing to try any of the outstanding universities/hospitals in Canada?

Hi VIKING, I just wanted to say that when I began studying repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation I got ahold of a cambridge doctor who specializes in mental illness via email. But you have to go to the school website and find out which doctor is working on which illness.

I still have yet to do rTMS…but I may go through ECT soon…

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Hello Sooner88,

I’m not refusing Canadian help. I have been to a very good hospital in Victoria, British Columbia, called “Royal Jubilee”. The problem is, no Canadian doctor has so far been able to help me to the extent that I feel I need. Of course that’s not to say that Yale would be different, but at least I can hope for something better coming from America.

canadian psychiatric standards, I might think, are lower than American. I’m not entirely sure on that. Our health care system is over stressed and under funded. Doctors do not have the proper amount of time to spend with each patient. And if Canada’s system is so good, why are we constantly losing doctors to go to the States for more money?? We in canada have a serious medical brain-drain going on.

Things are no better here, I promise you. Yale may be different but most of our hospitals, especially psych units, are way overburdened.

Bollocks! You’re brain is just malfunctioning in a different area than standard sz. There’s nothing unique about it. Brain telepathy, I had that this morning with my breakfast. Talk to the Drs in Canada and save yourself the trip

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Hey @MeghillaGorilla1,

No bollocks!!

Sooner dropping the knowledge

If the government doctors in South Carolina can adequately manage my illness, the government doctors in Canada can adequately manage yours.

do demons under the bed qualify as an adequately managed illness?