Does anyone know anything about "black seed oil"

I’ve come across people who are promoting “black seed oil”. It comes from cumin seeds. The promoters are saying it has some miraculous effects. They say it “cures everything but death”. They say it comes from the mid-east. That made me wonder. If this supplement is so great, why aren’t all the people in the mid-east walking examples of exemplary health? I’m still considering buying some, but then again, I don’t know. I think it is relatively cheap, so I might risk a few bucks just to see if it really is so great.

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I hadn’t heard of it, but after reading a bit about it I’d like to try it.

I also really recommend turmeric supplements. Turmeric is best absorbed with black pepper, so the best turmeric supplements will include black pepper. When I stopped taking turmeric for awhile I felt horrible.

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I take both black seed and turmeric (curcumin). Black seed apparently can cure cancer and there are reported cases of people with AIDs taking black seed which drastically reduced the HIV virus in their body. There’s one reported case of it eliminating the virus to undetectable levels in the blood. It has many other uses like hair loss and anti-inflammatory as well.