Does anyone know about anti-psychotic blocking of dopamine receptors?

does anyone know how long after quitting anti-psychotics (risperidone), will the d2 dopamine receptor be unblocked?

further info- i have been taking risperidone for more than a year now…

For the pills, about 5 days.

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What does it mean? I would think it’d be as long as till the meds out of your system but maybe I don’t know what it means

how do you know this? and are sure in 5 days the d2 receptor blocking will be stopped?


The half life of the drug is 3-20 hours and after about 5 half lives it is considered to be out of your body (so a bit less than 5 days but around that). If it’s not in your body, no D2 action.

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Look up the biological half life of the drug. Do you understand “steady state”? So with the Latuda I am on, it has about a 50-73% binding affinity at the D2 receptors in the Basal Ganglia. Once you get to where it binds 75% of more, you get EPS, extra pyramidal symptoms, so it is wonderful that it stays a bit lower than that when talking about how tightly the Latuda/Lurasidone binds to and blocks other agonists (I.E. dopamine) from stimulating the receptor complex. Everything revolves around balance, a seesaw so to speak… You need balance not just full antagonism. If the half life for Risperdal is 24 hours then 10 mg taken will be 5 mg after 24 hours which will be 2.5 mg after 48 hours which will be 1.25 mg after 72 hours etc. it usually takes 5-6 HALF LIVES for a substance to be more than 98% excreted or rather eliminated to biologically inactive forms (substances that do not do anything to the body or receptors). Does that kind of make sense?

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