Does anyone in the states know how much is deducted from your pay check for health care?

I know it varies, but does anyone have a number and occupation for the person?

It’s been so long since I’ve worked and had to pay for health care.

we pay upwards of 20k a year for the family plan. It’s ridiculous.


I haven’t had a job since 2012, but when I did I paid $75 per paycheck (every 2 weeks) for just me.

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@LED what was your coverage like with that? I have $20-30 visit copays, $5-15 medication copays, and a max yearly out of pocket expense of $5,500. So I’m actually paying 25,500 a year in medical costs. I hate it.

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It was pretty average. $25 for regular doctors, $35 for specialists, most meds were a little more expensive, I don’t remember what I paid for each, but I know I was paying like $300/month for all my meds at the time. Some of them weren’t generic yet, though, so that might have been part of it. No idea what my oop max or deductibles were.

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