Does anyone here read well on 5-10 mg Abilify, or have a job?


Wondering if a person’s reading ability is seriously affected by Abilify. Please post your experience!

I’m doing OK on 2 mg Abilify, but I still have thought broadcasting symptoms, so I’m going to have to raise it.


I can’t watch TV or movies or read long paragraphs. I’m on 3 week Abilify injections.

Not sure if it’s my Sz or the meds, to be honest.


I couldn’t read long text on 10mg abilify. Same on 15mg now.


Abilify destroyed my attention span worse than any other AP did.


I am on 10mgs abilify and hav a very short attention span. Tho I can’t say what caused it. I can read long things if I try hard but I do get bored


I’m on it and I’m fine. I find I do get annoyed with certain stuff though and I will skim over it.


Couldn’t read books on any aps. Used to read avidly. Now I can do audio books. I think the problem isn’t the meds it’s the disease


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