Does anyone here not like their family?

Does anyone here not like their family?

Or is it people in general you dislike or avoid?

(Change to a poll if you like)

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I don’t like the reaction I get from everyone these days.

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I don’t get people who believe that you should be unattached to your family. It is a love without Pity. My mom looks like a robot to me and that drives me to wrath. I know my mom’s love is unconditional. If I see family again I don’t want it to be 24/7 even for a few days.

I just have my parents now. Luckily, I love them.


I love my family very much and would be there for them if they needed me and I could do it. Even the nephews and niece I haven’t met- I’d be there for them. But I disagree on politics, religion, and the occassional “I’m not bigoted, but…” sort of comments. I have a live and let live policy, but not everyone else does. I am thankful to have moved away so that I am not all up in that drama.


I love my immediate and extended family even though at times they get on my nerves


Funny that kind of wasn’t the question, hence someone becomes uncomfortable and deletes post
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Threads don’t always follow original posts perfectly. We get off track. That’s apparent in many threads on the forum. If someone can’t handle others going slightly off-topic to the extent that they delete posts, they probably shouldn’t be on a forum with a bunch of schizophrenics. I’ve been here for five years now and have never encountered a frivolous complaint like this before. I’ll head out now since this response will undoubtedly not be to your liking.

BTW- your post didn’t address the question either. Might want to delete that.


Ok dont get uptight with me i was just stating the obvious, with a tough topic last thing someone wants is made to feel guilt
This is a support recovery forum as you know, im just being supportive
I have issues with people, part of my diagnosis sz…thats why i wanted to know if anyone else struggled too

I’m an old man, and the only family that still alive is my sister, her husband and two kids. They’re on the east coast, and they don’t come to Arkansas anymore now that our mom died. Currently we are not speaking to each other, but occasionally writing each other a snail mail letter. We have changed and grown apart.


Yes i understand and time can put more distance between you, thats how it feels with my family like weve grown apart a long way. I dont feel as close to them emotionally anymore

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I have one aunt left who I’m not a fan of and I get along with one out of four cousins. I love both my wife and kid. My wife’s family is ugh. They remind me that there’s never a meteor around when you need one.


:joy: oh funny


My family doesn’t like me

Familys are complex sometimes, were not always going to get along i suppose. I resent things about people often, especially family, i feel i have high expectations and im usually disappointed that people don’t live up to that like ever.

Some of my broader family are nice and kind to me, but most most of my immediate family are hostile and far from sympathetic to me. I think there is a lot of enviousness/jealousy about how I don’t work and how I sleep a lot, and that I get free money through benefits (welfare) etc.

Im certain they think deep down that there’s nothing wrong with me but some minor mood problems and that Id be fine and could live a perfectly normal life if I just “tried” hard enough. And it annoys them that they have to live there lives normally and get up to work everyday.

I also think we arent that connected or similar mindsets in general. Before I had SZA I wasnt close to much of my family either.

My mum is the only one in my immediate family who takes care of me and treats me well, and one of my siblings isnt actively hostile. But my dad and two other siblings - I could happily never see again.

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I generally like my family. There are some things i dont like. But that is a given. Generally mine are good to me mostly and thats good enough

I love both my father and my brother but my brother is unpredictable.
He’s very moody and can fly off the handle very quickly for no reason at all.

I mostly like my family. Most of them are good people. A few have faults. I can think of one who I wouldn’t trust as far as I can throw them, but I like the vast majority. Especially my immediate family.


I love both my side of the family and Hubby’s side of the family. But I had to cut two people out of my life, from my side. I no longer talk to my sister or my mom’s dad. They are horribly toxic people. Always starting drama, always screaming in your face for literally anything, everyday. Very abusive people. So, I just noped outta there.